During a delayed flight with Nola Southwest, passengers were sitting in the waiting room to get more answers to their questions about next steps. Airline officials stated that if anyone had a question regarding their flight, they were to sing a song before asking their question. This rule was made to not only have some fun with everyone waiting (and possibly frustrated with the delay) but also to halt a group of people hounding them with questions.

This rule may have helped a lot of shy people from going up there and asking the airline reps anything, but it didn’t stop one gentleman from taking the loudspeaker and breaking into song; a man in the waiting room recorded the whole thing!

From the video below, it seems like the man is singing “Wonderwall” and putting on a hilarious performance while at it. By the end of it, he has everyone at the gate fully involved and singing! The traveler completes his enthusiastic performance with an epic mic drop!  Now that’s what I call a brilliant performance, and a far-from-boring wait at the gate!

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